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The 20th Century saw tremendous change, from horses and buggies to space travel.  Never before in history has such profound change occurred during so short a period.

This rapid change has created a unique historical opportunity.  There are people alive today who remember what life was like before much of that change occurred.  These people represent a wealth of historical information.  We believe it is imperative to capture their memories in print before they are lost forever.



"The Good Old Days"

If you are in my age group (65 plus) you've seen a lot of change. Perhaps you remember when soft drinks were a nickel, when we listened to drama programs on radio (television hadn't begun), when "indoor plumbing" was a luxury for the city folks and when we learned Bible verses in school.
Our books are collections of true stories from those "good old days."
For a most unusal trip down Memory Lane, check us out thoroughly.
Bob Lasley (Founded Hometown Memories Publishing in 1993)
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If you grew up back in "the good old days," before TV, fast foods and credit cards, YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE OUR BOOKS!
If you are younger, you will be both amused and facinated by what has changed and by what remains the same today!
These books are like a 'present' of the past, order your gift today!

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New Books

We have wrapped up story collection and have started putting books together for the following areas::
  • West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle & Northwestern Maryland
  • Northeast Iowa
  • North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills
  • Michigan's Upper Peninsula
  • Southwestern Virginia
  • The Tennessee West Highland Rim
  • Southwest and South Central Wisconsin
  • Northeastern Missouri
  • Southwest and South Central Kansas
  • Eastern and Northeastern South Dakota
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Published in 2011; book #55


One Room Schoolin'
Tales from The Good Old Days in Centeral West Virginia

Published in 2011; Book #56


Cow Chips in the Wood Stove
Tales From The Good Old Days in
the Lower Texas Panhandle

Published in 2011; Book #57


Moonshine & Mountaintops
Tales From the Good Old Days in Northeast Tennessee

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