TalesfromtheGoodOldDaysHometown Memories was founded in 1993 by Bob Lasley as a retirement hobby. As the business grew, Bob’s partner, Sallie Holt, joined him in 1997.  Since then the business has changed a lot, but the mission is still the same. We help others save personal memories of a time that will never be seen again.
Today, the business is owned and operated by Todd Blair, a former Army Officer and businessman who feels as firmly as Bob Lasley does that people’s memories should be saved and shared.The idea has caught on. Though Hometown Memories books will never be national best-sellers, they sell like hotcakes in the regions they are written about. Folks love to read about life during the "good old days" of outdoor plumbing, learning Bible verses in school and carefree childhoods. They are fascinated to discover stories from people they not only knew well, but from others they had entirely forgotten about. Some folks even discover little-known secrets about their own families.
The company has produced over 90 books about various regions in the United States and is looking forward to many more years of preserving precious memories.

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