From the upcoming book about Northern and Down East Maine

A Generous Soul

Submitted by Cece Nadeau of Enfield, ME

Born 1938

      My mom, Amelia George Spencer McKusick, was a warm and kind lady who loved people and was always cooking and feeding someone. I am her 78-year-old daughter Cecilia (Cece) Bernadette Spencer Nadeau. We lived on 78 Pearl Street in Bangor, Maine for many years in my grandfather's home.

      One memory really stands out for me. I was about 11 years old and a man came up on the porch. He was old and dirty, looking scary to a young kid. Mom asked him what he wanted. The next thing I knew, she had opened the screen up and had invited him into the kitchen for hot soup and homemade bread. He ate, didn't talk, but when he left he said, “Thank you.”

      Later that day, Mom sent me to get sugar with two rations. Mr. Tuck would not give me any because he said we needed to pay the grocery bill before we could have any more credit.

      I came home to tell her the bad news, but when I found Mom, she seemed so excited. She had been making tea for herself and a neighbor and found a $5 bill in one of her teacups. We always said it was there because she had invited that man who came to the door in for some food. We did learn later that many of our neighbors had turned him away.

      I have so many wonderful memories, but that was the best!

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