from When We Got Electric..., A Living History of Northwest West Virginia

True Love at First Sight

By Virginia Cigagna Gocksetter of Benwood, West Virginia

Born 1943

            In May of 1961, I was hired as a switchboard operator at 16th Street Rambler in Wheeling, West Virginia.  This was my first job after graduating from high school.  This job allowed me the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life.

            The company I worked for owned several businesses, one of which was a car leasing company.  I was responsible for typing the lease contracts and rental agreements.  I was told to expect a gentleman from John Roane, Inc. on the third business day of the week that would sign the necessary documents and take delivery of his new vehicle.  This gentleman arrives at the office and was greeted by me and it was then that I realized what love at first sight was all about.  He was six feet tall, huge dark brown laughing eyes, beautiful white teeth, a dimple, and the most beautiful black curly hair that I have ever seen in my life!  He was about two ten-weight wise, muscular.  Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating on the business at hand.  He had a darling southern accent as well.

            I decided that I needed to pursue him even though he was several years older than me.  He was a former West Virginia state policeman and had never been married.  I became a friend of his secretary, having learned where he hung out, etc.  After several attempts to have a date with him, I lucked out.  After getting to know him, I really wanted a life with him, but I felt that he was worldly, a womanizer, and maybe wasn’t what I wanted in a husband.  So, I no longer pursued him.  He relocated, I married someone else, but I could never forget him.  He was always on my mind and heart.

            Many years went by, I was in my sixties, I was divorced, and I decided I was going to find him.  That I did; he was a patient at the VA Hospital.  He was so thrilled to hear from me!  We connected again.  He was still single, still handsome, and still had the beautiful brown eyes.  We vowed our love for each other and planned a future together.  Finally, we were together.

            Three years ago this June, I received a call from the VA telling me that he had passed away a few minutes before.  His last words to them from him were for me to be called.

            He is still the love of my life, and I wear his ring every day.  My faith allows me this belief that one day we shall be together again.  Love at first sight does happen.  I will go to my grave with his last kiss on my lips.

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