" I recieved my copy and was so impressed with the book I'm ordering 4 more for gifts, thank you."

Betty R., KS

" I want to thank you for the great job you did on the book, Rumble Seats and Lumber Camps [A Living History of Northern Michigan]...I appreciate the work that went in to your book."

Lola S., MI

" I recieved the 10 books I ordered for my grandchildren and I was delighted...I am so glad I saw your ad in the paper and wrote my story."

Dardanella G., WI

" I recieved my first three books and have really enjoyed reading them, as have a couple of my girls. Also had a letter from a Dr. in St. Joseph who is a cousin, what a nice surprise!"

Juanita W., KY

" I just got my book and I'm enjoying it! I know a lot of the people in it."

Joyce H., ID

" I recieved the books Sod Houses and The Dirty Thirties... It is a really nice book and I am enjoying reading the stories"

Dorothy M., KS

"Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to share my stories in this great history book [Rolling Stores and Country Cures, A Living History of Northeastern Alabama]...My grandparents have passed away but that was my way of honoring them for raising us after our parents gave us away...their stories will live on as long as this book is around...You did an outstanding job.'

Nora Webster, Leeds, AL

"Recieved my box of books today...I am pleasesd with the book...your book is printed in suitable font for the age group who will read it. I was happy to see the names of several of my old friends."

Oleda C., KS

"I just want to tell you what a wonderful job you all did. The book [Penny Candy and Grandma's Porch Swing, A Living History of North Central Pennsylvania] is fantastic and my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in this writing."

Donna J. Jones, Pottstown, PA

"Received book------very well done. Will enjoy reading it. Thanks!"

The Hoffmans, WI

" I was so tickled to find your box of Milking the Kickers [A Living History of Southwestern Oklahoma] on my front porch...You should be extra proud of yourselves for the top notch job you did...Thank you for your T.L.C., Respectfully,"

Deborah Fullerton, Indio, CA

" I recieved my book today and read some of the stories and I really enjoyed them...The stories brought back memories when I was growing up."

Dorothy P., IA

"... I am deeply honored to have Grady Guye's 'One Room Schoolin' selected for the grand prize in the Hometown Memories book [One Room Schoolin, A living History of Central West Virginia]. He would be so proud. He always had a gift for telling stories. Sincerely"

Judy Guye, Elkins, WV


"Thank you so very much for selecting me a winner [for Penny Candy and Grandma's Porch Swing, A Living History of North Central Pennsylvania]...It was a toss-up whether I should write about the one room school house or my grandmother cutting the end of her index finger off and glueing it back on with varnish...Thanks."

Jane Kropinak, Punxsutawney, PA

"To the Publishers of Hometown Memories,

Just want you to know how much my family, as well as myself, have enjoyed this book..One Room Schoolin'.. that was published last year. I ordered 4 books for Christmas gifts in 2011 and they were such a hit. My article that was published in the book has had so much feedback and I have heard from some that I had not heard from in years. Thank you for allowing me to publish my story. I have so many stories in me that will never ever be published, but I have lived them and for me that is good enough.

Good luck on these future books that are in the making. They will provide a legacy to many.


Phyllis Pettinaro Reilly, Mamaroneck, NY

" I am really enjoying One Room Schoolin' ."

Betty P., WV

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I have enjoyed the book One Room Schoolin'. I sent order forms to friends and some families in Florida, Delaware, Virginia, Alabama and PA. Everyone who got the book loved it...Thanks again for the beautiful book. A job well done. Much love to all."

Geraldine McLaughlin, Buckeye WV

" Your books are so interesting...they make an unusual gift..an easy way for me to shop. "

Mary D., IA

"I am enjoying Lye Soap and Sad Irons, (A Living History of Northwest Missouri). Three of my sisters also got the book after reading mine. One found a borther-in-law's story and was amazed and surprised."

Judith B. Hoyt, MO

"I could relate to many of the articles [ When We Got Electric, Tales from Northwest, West Virginia] and was happy to see some from folks I know locally...I am happy to be included in such a wonderful record."

Evelyn Kennedy, Morgantown, WV

"I ordered one of your Moonshine and Mountaintops books and I just love it. I have a story in it and I'm ordering 3 more copies for my 3 adult children as a christmas gift. Thank you so much."

Joyce Manis, Kingsport TN

"I would like six copies [ of Milking the Kickers, A living History of Southwest Oklahoma] for my children...I think it's something that will live on after I'm gone...Thanks for your work."

Lois Bartese, Apache, OK

"I love the book (One Room Schoolin'). What a great job you have done on this. Everyone I know who got theirs loves it. Keep up the good work!"

Bonnie Wallace, Rainelle WV

"I am writing this letter to congratulate you and your assistants for the fantastic job you've done in putting the 'History of North Central Pennsylvania' together...I was so pleased with my book I ordered five [more] of them so my children would have their own and could pass it down...Sincerely,"

Marian Feness, Depew, NY     

"I just wanted to say many thanks for publishing such a fine book as One Room Schoolin'. It is amazing how you put out such a wonderful book in such a short time, but I am so glad that you did. Most everyone that has written their story for the book was in the same position in life, poor, but we did not realize it. I do appreciate it."

Ruby Casto, West Virginia

"Penny Candy and Grandma's Porch Swing, [A Living History of North Central Pennsylvania] arrived Saturday! It is quite exciting to see so many stories of familiar people and places. Thank you for all your encouragement and editing!"

Dawn R. Zetto, Houston, TX

"I'm so excited (about Dust Storms and Half Dugouts). What a great happiness you can give others so kindly! I am not able to get out often, so this will give so much enjoyment and appreciation. What joy to look forward to see my sons and grandchildren enjoy the wonderful Panhandle history that goes back to grandparents from both of our parents finding the Panhandle years and years ago. You are so kind."

Bonnie Grisham and George Gist, Canyon and Hereford TX

"Just got the book [Milking the Kickers, A Living History of Southwest Oklahoma]...love it, can't put it down...great job."

Charlene Prock, Searcy, AZ

I have received many, many favorable and wonderful comments on this book (Tin Tub Baths and the Ragman) and so many people are enjoying this book. I am so glad I was able to be involved in this wonderful endeavor. Thank you.

Anne Furno, Meadville PA

"To the creator of this wonderful book [Outside Privies and Dinner Pails, A Living History of Southwest Iowa] I love it!  It has surpassed anything I imagined it would be. I can hardly leave it alone and last night I read until 2am. The stories are so rich and funny and tragic and everything in between. Thank you."

Marilyn Drake, Council Bluffs, IA

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